For the past 10 years I have suffered with  really bad allergies recurring once or twice per month. Doctors couldn't figure out what was the cause of it, so I just continued taking medicine to help relieve the symptoms. I was very skeptic about acupuncture and didn't believe that poking my ears with needles could help me. Jill was amazing and explained all benefits of acupuncture. I had 5 acupuncture treatments. Since treatment number 1 I forgotabout my allergies; I no longer suffer from any allergy or allergy symptoms. I LOVEacupuncture and cupping! It's very relaxing and not painful at all.

O. Mrochack

Pain Related

I must admit that it was after some cajoling that I finally succumbed to the idea of trying acupuncture for my historically problematic back. As a Scotsman who has the most simplistic of medical outlooks, it was much against the grain to try something new and away from the traditional painkillers.

I am DELIGHTED that I did so and Jill was EXCELLENT in fully explaining the process and intricacies of the whole process. This had the effects of both settling my nerves and raising my confidence in the merits of acupuncture.

As each needle was placed without any pain or discomfort, Jill continued to explain what was happening but-being honest-it was such a warm and relaxing sensation and, in one instance, relief at a muscle unknotting, that I must admit that I never really paid that much attention!!!

I would heartily recommend Jill to ANYONE.

As someone who is used to using medicine to mask my pain, after my treatment it honestly felt like my body was working naturally to repair itself. 

This was an exhilarating and organic experience that I definitely wish to repeat.

Alexander, Toronto


I have been seeing Jill Moran at the Mandala centre for health and wellness for a few months now and at every appointment I have been treated exceptionally well with professional and personable aptitude.  My acupuncture treatments have been helping me with my conditions and I would recommend this practice to anyone with an ailment that doesn't seem to be resolved with modern western medicine.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Carolyn, Lori and especially Jill (my current provider) at Mandala Center for Health and Wellness.   I was living with chronic back and neck pain for 28+ years; injuries I endured from my career in the Canadian Military.  I was very skeptical about VOO-DOO medicine when my doctor suggested I try it; I was so wrong.  Over the past 4 years, I have been treated for Neck & Back nerve damage, chronic muscular cramping, asthma relief and the most important injury of PTSD.   The treatments I received for PTSD enabled me to cope with daily interactions.   I am so thankful for the treatments I have received.  I have my life back.  


The treatments I've received from Jill have been so beneficial and my relief after treatments is immediate. I experience a lot of pain and tightness in my shoulders, lower back and hands from excessive use, her treatments have saved me. I've tried other treatments but acupuncture has been the most beneficial for me personally and I prefer Jill's approach to healing over other acupuncturists. Thank you so much Jill!


I used to have recurring pain in my upper back/neck and shoulder area.  Fortunately, only a few acupuncture treatments from Jill Moran made the pain go away!  I was not convinced that acupuncture would help me prior to trying, but I am now a true believer!  Jill is very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.  Not only did she cure my back pain, but she also helped to improve my sleep.  I had tried traditional medicine before (including medication), but only acupuncture has succeeded in relieving the pain.  Jill also takes her time to explain the treatments, and she makes sure that you enjoy every minute of it!  THANK YOU JILL, I OWE YOU!

Sylvain D

I'd been suffering from cronic pain in my neck and shoulder which physio and massage were not able to relieve.  Two treatments with Jill and I felt better than I had in over a year. Being afraid of needles the first treatment was a challenge for me but Jill was calm, reassurring and very patient.  She walked me through it slowly and while I still have a problem with needles I'm comfortable with Jill.  I'd highly recommend her!

Christina H

 I was beyond impressed with my first experience with Jill's treatment! My first interaction was with a frozen shoulder. I was blown away how after my treatment I was able to comfortably move my shoulder. I became a believer in acupuncture! Subsequently, Jill has treated me for chronic neck pain, shin splints and gerd.

Jill is a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner. She is very calm and caring in her approach, taking the time to make me feel comfortable throughout the appointment.

I highly recommend Jill's professional services. Her treatments have made a tremendous improvement in my physical well being!

Barb K

Women's Health Related

I came to the acupuncture to support my choice to try and have a natural delivery for my second baby after having a c-section for my first. Through acupuncture, Jill was able to help me induce labor successfully. Post pregnancy, I sought Jill's help through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for post-pregnancy hypothyroidism. Her kind, gentle, and caring support has helped me through a difficult time physiologically and she supported my recovery and management of my autoimmune disease. I appreciated the superb health and wellness care I received from Jill and her kind, gentle approach. 


Jill came into my life early in my pregnancy last year and what a wonderful gift:) I was under her care for most of pregnancy and afterwards. She took care all the aches and pains that come with a pregnancy. Most of all, she connected with me personally through the process and afterwards. I highly recommend her as a acupuncturist for all types of healing required.

I saw Jill serveral times for accupuncture in support of a frozen embryo transfer. She was sensitive and accomodating to my needs and made it a comfortable experience. This resulted in a confirmed pregnancy. I will definately be seeing her to help with labour induction if I go over due. I have recommended Jill for accupuncture in relation to fertility support and pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and headache to the moms in my baby group. I found the location of Pure Ellements Wellness convenient as I live in the Westshore and didn't have to travel downtown for appointments.


Jill is absolutely amazing.  She is warm and professional and my treatments with her helped immensely with my chronic migraines and stress during my not-so-easy pregnancy.  I would recommend Jill to everyone.  And I know I will be a lifelong client as her care has significantly improved my comfort level and quality of life.

Jocelyn LaRose

Our last appointment on Friday helped a lot as I went into labour at 1 am Saturday morning! Thank you for your help in labour prep and the acupressure points really helped!!  In the end all I wanted was pressure on my lower back and feet. 


Pediatric Acupuncture

My baby struggled with reflux from 6 weeks and was grunting or crying from gas pains. He slept for only 1.5hrs at a time and would last up to 9 days without having a bowel movement! I could tell he was in a constant state of discomfort, and I was becoming exhausted!

I read an article that Jill Moran, acupuncturist at Pure ELLEments, posted on Facebook about the benefits of acupuncture for babies. At this point I have tried everything so thought there was nothing to lose and decided to book an appointment.

After our first session, my son had a bowel movement, and since then has had one daily! With this he doesn't struggle with gas pains or digestive issues no longer. Jill showed me several pressure points and techniques to continue to perform on him at home on a daily basis. 

We have had several more appointments and I can say my baby now sleeps 3hrs instead of 1.5hrs and has a daily bowel movement. We have almost completely got rid of Ovol for gas pains and are now in the process of getting him off his Reflux mess with the assistance of Jill. 

We enjoy doing our daily routine of different accupupressure points as it allows me and my baby some quiet time and a time to bond in our normal busy day.

Melissa M.