Ashi is known as the point of most tenderness in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It refers to a point or points of sensitivity or discomfort(not actual points)  which may also be chosen due to their responsive nature.  Generally referring to the pain held in ones' tissues, muscles, and body .  This pain can be physical or mental or emotional.  

Acupuncture is a system of healing that penetrates beyond the surface and works with your body's energy to re-create balance within you.  It works in obvious ways, and in more subtle ways. 

This Clinic believes in the practitioner-client relationship working together to achieve optimal health; Western and Eastern Medicine need to communicate in order to achieve that best possible health for an individual. The focus in the practice of acupuncture is the belief that we are spiritual beings first who share an human experience. The clinic operates from an approach that by keeping the mind and body active and healthy, we nourish the soul.